“Bloody good show on being that fast….It is good, excellent stuff.” – Stuart Turner

“Ok so I have worked with guys from Cinovice a couple times now and both times have not been left disappointed. Not only are they a good laugh but they are also hard working lads and have passion for what they do. Both times I was presented with a high quality end product which was made, recorded and produced with perfection. I definitely recommend anyone with a music video, short film or advertisement endeavour to approach Cinovice IMMEDIATELY. Once again, thank you Cinovice.” – MaineyTV

“Working with Cinovice was an experience I will take for granted in the future! It was my first video shoot ever and I have to say i was worried but from the day we started to the day we finished I have to say I’ve made some mates for life as well! The quality of their work is one to a million and I am definitely going to be using them again very very soon! Thank you.” – Connor Solle