Mdhamiri a Nkemi

I’m currently studying Creative Media Production at Midkent College in Gillingham, Kent. Currently based in Rochester, I work as a freelancer with 4+ years experience in the fields of film-editing, VFX, and motion graphics where my interests lie. I’ve directed multiple short films, 4 of which have been shortlisted for various competitions.

Josh Hughes

I’m currently taking A-Levels at Borden Grammar School in Sittingbourne, Kent. I have  4 years experience of making short films by myself and working on film-sets, with skills focusing on many areas including directing, editing, acting, cinematography, visual effects, artwork design and scripting. My works have been shown in several theatres, nominated for awards and shortlisted in competitions. I want my films to have an impact on the audience and do so through surreal concepts, aberrant plots and a reliance on the audience’s own interpretations.

Ed Steadman

I’m currently studying Creative Media Production at Midkent College in Gillingham, Kent and looking to go to Uni in September 2013.Currently based in Chatham, I have experience in several areas of media but my main interest and skills lie within post-production and editing. I aspire to one day take my trade to America and work in New York or LA.

Sophie Lasson

I’ve just completed a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production. I’m interested in the producing and managing of projects, but also enjoys filming and editing. I have worked on a number of different projects over the past few years and firmly believes in learning by doing.

George A Langridge

George is currently studying Creative Media Production at Midkent College in Gillingham, Kent.
Currently based in Walderslade/Chatham, he has experience in most production roles, pre-production and photography. His talents lie in the fields of development, journalism, photography and promotion. He is interested in a variety of things from travel and skiing, to street photography and promotion. He likes to see his concepts turned in to a final product as well as getting stuck in. “Give me a DSLR and watch me capture time”

Michael McInally

I’m currently studying Creative media Production at Midkent College in Gillingham, Kent. I’m interested in cinematography as that’s where my passion lies, and in October 2013, I’m off to Met Film School. I’ve been involved in a fair few projects of all kinds, and also recently filmed and edited a feature-length project.

Heidi Steele

I’m studying Creative Media Production at a Subsidiary Diploma level, hoping to move further up the ladder to achieve the Extended Diploma and possibly a degree at University. Highly interested in photography, and cinematography, but also keen on the various other aspects of the media. Would like to work at Pinewood one day, and maybe get my name on the 30th James Bond film (If it happens..) Also bakes sweet treats including cupcakes and cookies for the cast and crew!

Barry Witham

I’m currently studying creative media production at Midkent College. I have a keen interest in script writing and sound design. Already I’ve written 3 shorts (which have been shortlisted for competitions) and 1 short film.