30 seconds before you lose interest. We’d better get a move on then. We’re Cinovice, a production company based just outside of London, made up of talented individuals with a thirst for new projects and the skills to pull them off, and then some.

No. Well yes, that definitely describes us, but that’s not what you came here to find out. You’ve got an idea. A venture that you need a dedicated team to help you with. You either don’t have the time or the relevant expertise, and that’s where Cinovice come in.

So what exactly do we do?
Enough waffling. Let’s stop beating the bush and get down to brass tacks. We make videos. Long ones, short ones, with music, with speech, the common denominator being that they are all well-made. Cinovice started off with our own self-initiated projects, which then spread to client-based promos, music videos, and event coverage, to name just a few.

Why not your neighbour Dave and his mobile?
Picture this. You need this project finished by Friday. It’s Thursday afternoon, and your neighbour decides to have a barbecue. Cinovice has your video delivered to you by the deadline, on every occasion, and unlike Dave, only use industry quality equipment. Your video is not only with you on time, but also looks pretty awesome.

(Bell dings. DING.)

Lift door opens. Another satisfied customer steps out.